Close up of Zink Metals’ Triple Horizontal Broken sterling silver necklace for women
Woman model wearing triple silver necklace made with broken sterling silver studs in a casual tank top
Close up of triple silver necklace stones on a short necklace chain made with Zink Metals’ broken silver technique
Model wearing Triple Horizontal Broken Silver Necklace and other sterling silver jewelry, multiple silver rings
Woman wearing Triple Broken sterling silver necklace with triple silver necklace pendants and multiple silver rings
Close up of short silver necklace with triple silver broken studs on a 17” sterling silver necklace chain
Female model wearing multiple Zink Metals’ necklaces including the triple broken silver necklace and multiple gemstone, pearl and sterling silver necklaces

Triple Horizontal Broken Sterling Silver Necklace

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Triple Horizontal Broken Necklace: A Unique Silver Necklace For Women

An understated sterling silver necklace, featuring a unique broken silver design, packs a punch  and makes a statement with a distinctive charm.  Zink Metals’ Triple Horizontal Broken Silver Necklace, a sterling silver necklace made for women, features three stations of broken sterling silver and is perfect for your daytime or office wear. The triple silver necklace facets create a unique textured design to a simple yet stunning sterling silver necklace chain.

Dress up your everyday style or make a statement with this short silver necklace chain measuring 17” in length. Both the chain and three stations are made of quality sterling silver that will stay on-trend for years to come. Wear alone or pair with the for added sophistication.

Our Broken Collection is based on an unpredictable handmade process that makes each broken sterling silver jewelry piece a one-of-a-kind, so each piece will vary.

Triple Horizontal Broken Necklace Materials & Sizing

Necklace Materials: Sterling silver

Pendant Dimensions: Full length of the three silver pendant is 1.5 x 0.25"; each silver station is .25” x .25”

Necklace Chain: 17" sterling silver chain