Indianapolis Artist in Metalsmithing and Jewelry

Rebecca Zink, Indianapolis jewelry artist at Zink Metals appears on Indianapolis Channel 8 News Business Equity & Opportunities show


I was thrilled to share my journey of becoming a local jewelry maker during an interview with the Business Equity & Opportunities show on Indianapolis’ Channel 8 news. I’m Rebecca Zink, a jewelry artist and metalsmith based in Indianapolis. With a deep-seated passion for design and the art of metalsmithing, I’ve dedicated myself to crafting unique, wearable pieces of art. 

During my recent interview, I had the opportunity to delve into my educational background and journey into jewelry metalsmithing. Watch the interview and read more below as I share the story of my artistic journey.

From Ball State to Zink Metals: A Journey of Discovery

a woman's hand holding three Russian filigree necklaces that uses a form of blacksmithing and jewelry metalsmithing


My journey into the world of metalsmithing and jewelry began at Ball State, where I pursued an undergraduate degree in metalsmithing alongside graphic design. My quest for deeper knowledge led me to southern Illinois, where I honed my craft and earned a master's degree in fine arts, specializing in metalsmithing. It was during this time that my unique approach to jewelry design began to take shape, influenced by both traditional metalsmithing techniques and the robust, dynamic forms of blacksmithing.

Recognition and Resilience: Making a Mark in the Metal Art World

In 2019, my innovative approach to jewelry metalsmithing was recognized when I was honored to be included in the prestigious "40 under 40: The Next Generation of American Metal Artists" at the Metal Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. This accolade not only highlighted my success in the world of metalsmithing and jewelry but also underscored my commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional jewelry design.

201 Studios: A Creative Sanctuary for a Jewelry Designer

The transition from academic achievement to establishing a thriving business led me to 201 Studios, an Indianapolis artist maker space that has become the perfect sanctuary for my creative endeavors. Owned by RJ Pollak, 201 Studios was transformed from an abandoned building into a vibrant hub for artists and makers. This environment has been instrumental in my development as a jewelry artist, offering me not just a physical space to work, but a community of creative individuals who share my passion for making.

My workspace at 201 Studios is more than just a local jewelry maker studio; it's a place where collaboration and creativity flourish, allowing me to explore new ideas and techniques in jewelry metalsmithing. The diverse community of artists and makers at 201 Studios — ranging from photographers, furniture makers, ceramicist, sculptors, candle makers, and more — provides a unique ecosystem that fosters innovation and growth. This environment has allowed my Indianapolis jewelry business, Zink Metals, to expand.

The Artistic Philosophy of a Jewelry Artist

the Aurora Earrings showcase mixed materials of steel, sterling silver and garnets

I view myself as both a maker and an artist, a duality that I believe is evident in my work. My jewelry is not just about adornment but about bringing together unexpected elements to create pieces that are both artistic and wearable. This approach reflects my belief in the transformative power of jewelry, where each piece tells a story and adds a unique dimension to the wearer's personal style.

In my work, I leverage the intrinsic properties of metals, combining them in innovative ways to highlight their beauty and versatility. This exploration of materials and techniques reflects my commitment to my craft and my aspiration to create jewelry that resonates with individuals who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of a skilled jewelry designer.

Challenges and Triumphs: The Life of a Jewelry Artist

Like many artists and small business owners, I face the challenge of wearing multiple hats. Beyond the creative process, I navigate the complexities of marketing, social media, and business management. Despite these challenges, my passion for metalsmithing and jewelry design remains unwavering, driving me to continue creating and evolving my brand.

I hope that my story is a reminder that the path of a jewelry artist is not just about the art but also about the perseverance and adaptability required to turn a passion into a sustainable business. My recognition in the metal art community and my flourishing presence in the Indianapolis creative scene at 201 Studios are acknowledgements of my dedication to my craft and the vibrant support system that surrounds me.

metalsmithing designs from Indianapolis jewelry artist Rebecca Zink, Zink Metals

Looking Ahead: The Future of Zink Metals

As I continue to grow Zink Metals, I remain focused on expanding my creative repertoire and exploring new avenues in my jewelry designs. I hope my journey offers a source of inspiration for aspiring jewelry designers and artists, showcasing the importance of perseverance, community, and the relentless pursuit of one's passions.

For those interested in learning more about me or my jewelry and metalsmithing creations, I would love for you to sign up for my newsletter and browse through my jewelry collection. My story is not just about the success of a local jewelry maker in Indianapolis but about the universal journey of artists everywhere who strive to make their mark on the world through their art.