How to Organize Jewelry and Care for It to Prevent Damage

store jewelry in a jewelry tray or cabinet, a great jewelry storage idea

You’ve taken the care to choose the perfect jewelry pieces that match your individual style, and have invested your hard-earned money in good pieces that will last a long time. Now the questions arise:, “How to organize and store jewelry to protect it from tarnish, scratches, and in the case of steel jewelry, rust?” and “What are the best ways to store jewelry?” We take jewelry care seriously, and thus have put together a list of jewelry storage ideas that will ensure your pieces maintain their luster and sparkle for a long time to come.

Before we get to individual storage ideas, however, we want to discuss some general jewelry care and best practices on how to store jewelry to prolong the life of it. Zink Metals provides jewelry care recommendations with each piece to help your jewelry last.

Each Zink Metals jewelry piece comes in a special resealable plastic bag that we recommend you keep and store your jewelry in when not being worn. This plastic bag protects the jewelry from elements like sun, air and water. We recommend you place those storage bags inside one of the below listed jewelry storage solutions for an extra layer of protection. Not to mention that these storage solutions help neatly arrange your collection to make your favorite pieces easy to find the next time you want to adorn yourself in beauty.

Hanging Jewelry Keeper

When deciding how to organize your jewelry, consider a hanging jewelry keeper. These serve as both an easy-to-use and easy-for-travel jewelry storage idea. They are designed to prevent scratching by providing individual compartments for each piece, ensuring that delicate surfaces remain free from abrasions. They are particularly adept at keeping together earring sets, offering zippered compartments that prevent pairs from becoming separated. 

Moreover, hanging jewelry keepers contribute to the longevity of silver jewelry by thwarting tarnishing, as they often incorporate anti-tarnish materials in their compartments. Hanging jewelry keepers are therefore one of the best ways to store silver jewelry. In addition to safeguarding precious metals like silver, these organizers act as moisture barriers with their plastic materials, protecting steel jewelry from potential corrosion. By offering a systematic and protective storage solution, hanging jewelry keepers not only allow an easy visual search of your accessories but also contribute to their overall durability and longevity.

Tiered Jewelry Boxes 

how to store jewelry in tiered jewelry boxes

Tiered jewelry organizers offer a sophisticated and practical solution for how to organize jewelry and keep it well-protected. These organizers feature multiple tiers with compartments, effectively preventing scratching and tangling by providing individualized spaces for each piece. They go the extra mile by incorporating lids or side compartments specially designed for hanging necklaces, ensuring that they remain separated and free from entanglement. The compartments themselves are often lined with anti-tarnish soft material, acting as a gentle shield against both scratching and tarnishing for a variety of jewelry pieces. 

Sets of earrings find a secure home together in dedicated compartments, while rings can be strategically placed between soft foam spaces that hold them upright. With their tiered structure, these organizers accommodate entire jewelry collections. Plus, they come in various materials such as wood, plastic, or steel, offering style and durability for one of the best ways to store jewelry like earrings and rings.

Individually Flapped Silvercloth Pouches

how to store silver jewelry in flapped silvercloth pouches

Individually flapped jewelry pouches represent an ingenious jewelry storage idea for organization and of your precious adornments. Crafted from anti-tarnish materials, these pouches act as protective shields, safeguarding jewelry from the damaging effects of tarnishing while preserving their lustrous appeal. Along with a sealed plastic bag, they are one of the best ways to store jewelry for travel or to keep each piece safe from scratches. 

Beyond tarnish prevention, these pouches create a moisture and sun-resistant barrier, shielding jewelry from environmental factors that may compromise their integrity. Notably, pouches designed for earrings go the extra mile by featuring internal separators, ensuring that earring sets can be stored together without any risk of them touching or scratching each other. This thoughtful design element not only preserves the pristine condition of each earring but also adds an extra layer of sophistication to the overall organization of your jewelry collection. 

With individually flapped jewelry pouches, the art of preserving and presenting your jewelry becomes a seamless and stylish endeavor. Jewelry collectors can utilize these pouches in conjunction with a number of other storage options in this list.

Include Anti-Tarnish Strips

Anti-tarnish strips emerge as discreet yet powerful guardians of your cherished jewelry pieces, and should be considered best practices for storing jewelry. These strips, often infused with substances like activated carbon or other corrosion inhibitors, serve as vigilant protectors against tarnishing. The beauty of these strips lies in their simplicity; tucking one into each plastic bag alongside your jewelry allows them to absorb airborne pollutants, creating a barrier that shields your precious metals from environmental threats.

Moreover, they also seamlessly integrate into the compartments of jewelry trays or boxes, offering an additional layer of protection against tarnish. Placing them strategically within separate sections ensures that each piece remains shielded from potential discoloration caused by exposure to the elements. In their unassuming presence, anti-tarnish strips become essential allies in the ongoing quest to preserve the brilliance and longevity of your jewelry collection.

Jewelry Trays 

jewelry trays are a great jewelry storage idea

Jewelry trays stand as an exceptional choice for the storage of high-end jewelry collections, seamlessly combining practicality with elegance. Designed to fit neatly inside dresser drawers, these trays provide a systematic and accessible solution to organize a variety of precious pieces. Their modular nature allows for convenient stacking, enabling the customization of storage space to accommodate the size and scope of your collection. 

One of the key advantages lies in the materials used, often featuring anti-tarnish properties that act as a protective barrier against environmental factors, a key factor in the best way to store silver jewelry. The interior configurations of these trays are thoughtfully designed, with segmented compartments for different types of jewelry, preventing tangling, scratching, and ensuring each piece has its designated space. With a blend of functionality and sophistication, jewelry trays offer a refined storage solution for those who value both organization and the pristine preservation of their high-end jewelry treasures.

Wall Jewelry Organizers

wall jewelry organizers are a great jewelry storage idea

Wall jewelry organizers offer both practicality and aesthetics, serving as a stylish solution in how to organize your jewelry. These organizers often feature hanging pegs that provide a dedicated space for necklaces and bracelets, preventing them from tangling and making selection a breeze. The inclusion of hooks specifically designed for pairs of earrings ensures that sets remain paired and easily accessible. 

Beyond functionality, wall jewelry organizers add a decorative element to your space, turning your jewelry into a captivating display. By utilizing vertical wall space, these organizers not only declutter your dresser or vanity, but also transform your jewelry collection into a visually appealing focal point. 

The benefits of wall jewelry organizers extend beyond their space-saving capabilities. They offer a systematic approach to organization, making it effortless to coordinate your accessories for any occasion. The strategic arrangement of hanging pegs and hooks allows for quick and easy access to your jewelry, eliminating the frustration of untangling necklaces or searching for matching earrings.

The vertical display adds a touch of sophistication to your room, turning your jewelry collection into an artful showcase. In essence, wall jewelry organizers blend functionality with aesthetics. 

While wall jewelry organizers are great for displaying and easily accessing your jewelry, there is a downside. These types of jewelry organizers that are out in the open don’t protect your jewelry from dust, light and other environmental elements. So, it’s best to opt for an enclosed wall storage solution to safeguard your jewelry.

Jewelry Rolls

a jewelry roll, jewelry storage idea for travel

Jewelry roll bags emerge as a sleek and efficient solution for organizing and storing diverse jewelry collections with style and practicality. They also double as a convenient way to travel with some of your jewelry collection. 

Crafted from soft and durable materials such as fabric or faux leather, these roll bags often feature designated compartments and pouches that cater to the varied needs of different jewelry pieces. The ingenious design allows for necklaces and bracelets to be fastened in a hanging fashion, preventing tangles and minimizing the risk of scratches or wear. 

The interior of these bags is often lined with anti-tarnish materials, creating a protective environment that shields silver and gold jewelry from oxidation and discoloration. Earrings find their place in specially designed pockets or compartments, ensuring pairs are kept together without risk of scratching or misplacement. 

The portability of jewelry roll bags makes them an ideal companion for travel as they can be easily tucked into the corner of a suitcase, and they offer a secure and organized way to transport a curated selection of jewelry while simultaneously preserving its luster and integrity.


Jewelry Cabinets

jewelry cabinets or armoires are a great jewelry storage idea

Stand-up jewelry cabinets or armories are a luxurious and comprehensive solution for how to store jewelry, combining functionality with elegant design. These cabinets typically feature doors equipped with hooks and dedicated spaces for hanging necklaces, preventing them from becoming entangled. Bars are incorporated to elegantly display bracelets, while specific sections offer convenient storage for sets of earrings. 

Rows of soft foam-lined slots provide a secure and organized space for rings, preventing scratches and ensuring easy access. Shelves within the cabinet allow for the addition of perfumes and lipsticks, transforming it into a centralized beauty and accessory station. Some models even boast a mirrored door, serving a dual purpose by providing a convenient reflection space and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. With their thoughtful design and ample storage capacity, stand-up jewelry cabinets are a sophisticated and practical jewelry storage idea.


Take Care of Jewelry for Future Generations

In the grand tapestry of our lives, jewelry often holds profound sentimental and intrinsic value. Ensuring the longevity of these treasures is not just an act of preservation; it's a commitment to passing down stories and memories to future generations. Regular professional cleaning and examinations are vital to maintaining the brilliance of gemstones and the structural integrity of settings. 

Proper storage, whether in individual pouches, tiered organizers, or stand-up cabinets, prevents the heartache of tangled necklaces or lost stones. Just as we invest in these pieces, we must invest time in their care. It's a responsibility to honor the craftsmanship and sentimentality embedded in each item. By taking these steps, we not only preserve the beauty of our jewelry but also safeguard the legacy they carry, ensuring they remain timeless treasures for years to come.