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Fall Jewelry Trends for 2023 According to the Fashion Shows

fall 2023 jewelry trends with  pearl, blue druzy and long chain link necklaces and circle stud earrings

The resounding theme from the fall 2023 fashion shows can be summed up in one word: variety. From minimalist classic hoop earrings to statement pieces like large brooches and pendant necklaces, this fall’s jewelry will be all about whatever best serves your own personal style. We narrowed down some common pieces we saw to help you be on trend for this fall and ensure you stay updated on how to best accessorize your new fall outfits.

Top Fall 2023 Jewelry Trends


Pearl necklaces possess an enduring elegance that resonates across generations, adorning the jewelry boxes of both grandmothers and Gen-Z nieces alike. Embracing the spirit of Fall 2023, renowned fashion brands such as Chanel, Chloé, and Carolina Herrera paid homage to these lustrous treasures by artfully draping them over thick chokers and entwining them into gracefully layered strands. Other designers placed pearls in clusters as well as asymmetrical arrangements. Zink Metals’ Biwa Pearl Circle Cluster Necklace lands right on par with this trend.

Biwa Pearl Cluster Necklace is a fall 2023 jewelry trend with both the pearl and the large pendant

Hoop Earrings

Don't underestimate the influence of fabulous hoop earrings, which took center stage on the fall runways, showcasing variations in thick, chunky gold; artistic, sculptural silver; and even innovative double or quadruple stacking, as seen in Valentino's collection. Embracing a pair of hoops as an everyday classic is a smart choice, but prioritizing lightweight and comfortable options is key. A unique twist on the classic hoop is Zink Metals’ Circle Stud Earrings, which allows the full circles to be seen instead of just the front.

Zink Metals Circle Stud Earrings, a twist on the classic hoop earring jewelry trend

Statement Pendant Necklaces

The term “power pendant” would be a good way to describe what we saw on the runways for 2023 fall jewelry. Huge statement necklace pendants were used to adorn more simplistic fashion pieces down the runway. This could be attached to a choker-size necklace, or longer chains, but pendants definitely are not meant to be “itty bitty” this fall. If you aren’t ready to rock the super XL versions that many strutted with on the runways, you can start with Zink Metals’ XOXO Necklace: Silver and Gold, a more pared-down version.

Zink Metals’ XOXO Necklace: Silver and Gold is a trendy statement pendant necklace for fall 2023

Colorful Gemstones

One captivating item that made a frequent appearance on fall jewelry runways were colorful gemstones. Shades of blue, green, pink and yellow took center stage in gemstones such as aquamarine, topaz, garnet, spinel, and opal. These were featured in both necklaces and rings in multiple fall fashion shows. Zink Metals has an entire collection dedicated to beautiful color jewelry pieces that will keep you on trend with fall jewelry but let you showcase your individual style.

Zink Metals’ Icy Blue Druzy Necklace is a colorful gemstone necklace that is on trend for fall 2023 jewelry


As we transition into Fall 2023, jewelry trends are leaning towards statement pieces that exude confidence and personality. Bold cuffs are stealing the spotlight as a top trending jewelry accessory, seamlessly infusing outfits with an air of elegance and edginess. With their intricate designs and striking presence, these cuffs effortlessly elevate your fashion game, especially if they include punk details like spikes, which are also on trend for this fall.. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event or seeking to add an extra layer of allure to your everyday look, you should definitely try a bold cuff as part of your fall jewelry for 2023.


These aren’t your grandma’s brooches we’re talking about. These are show-stopping, jaw-dropping, spotlight pieces that bring all the focus. Maximalist pins were seen in quirky surrealist forms at Schiaparelli, irreverent hand motifs were seen at Coperni, and drooping, dramatic crystals were seen at Gucci. There was also an aura of playful jewels inspired by the natural world, from scarab beetle brooches to diamond-and-gold lightning bolts. The brooch rule of thumb for this fall’s jewelry trend is “go big or go home.” Try adding a large brooch to a simple dress or blouse to add that “wow” effect this fall.

Yellow Gold Chains 

One of the minimalist jewelry trends for fall 2023 is yellow gold, barely there chains. We saw these worn on necks, wrists and even ankles. These are great choices for everyday jewelry, and Zink Metals offers yellow gold-filled chains as part of its Permanent Jewelry collection

Permanent jewelry is jewelry that is intended to be worn permanently, without being taken off, or at least for a long time such as 6 months or more. These bracelets are welded shut, so they stay on for a long time. You can shower, exercise, or even swim with permanent jewelry. They would be a great choice for this minimalist trend for fall jewelry 2023.

yellow gold permanent jewelry chains are trendy for fall 2023

Fall Trending Jewelry Options

Whether your jewelry style is bold and beautiful or subtle and serene, the trending jewelry for this fall offers options for you. Zink Metals offers many of the trending jewelry styles in unique pieces that are sure to set you apart while still staying on trend.