What is Permanent Jewelry?

Rebecca Zink of Zink Metals welds a permanent jewelry bracelet on a customer at a recent event in Indianapolis, IN

Rebecca Zink of Zink Metals welds a permanent jewelry bracelet on a customer at a recent event.


Even though trends come and go, timeless fashion is something that lasts forever. As classic, beautiful pieces of jewelry, permanent jewelry—such as simple and dainty bracelets—is an enduring way to wear jewelry that gives you lasting style and goes with anything, anytime.

If you’re looking for jewelry that’s high-quality, low-maintenance, and looks stunning and minimalistic, it’s time to learn more about the ever-so-popular permanent jewelry craze and start browsing to find a piece of jewelry that you want to live on your wrist for a long time. 

All You Need to Know About Permanent Jewelry

Also known as welded or fused jewelry, permanent jewelry differs from traditional jewelry in that it lacks a clasp. 

Instead, permanent jewelry is welded together, living on you permanently (or as long as you want it on). Types of permanent jewelry typically include necklaces, anklets, and bracelets that don’t have a typical fastener for easy removal. 

By welding or “zapping” the piece together, the intention is to never take it off. 

Like tattoos, permanent jewelry often has a personal meaning behind it, with friends or family members often getting matching sets to represent a shared significance. 

This is why, in recent years, permanent jewelry has become an increasingly popular way to simplify a routine or signify something everlasting—like marriage, a birth, an anniversary, a friendship, etc. Permanent jewelry is available in multiple metals including but not limited to white gold, solid gold, and sterling silver.

How Does Permanent Jewelry Work?

Think of permanent jewelry as the yarn-and-bead friendship bracelets we all used to make, but appreciably upgraded. 

How is permanent jewelry applied? With jewelry of this nature, you need a specialized jeweler to complete the process. Once they custom fit the chain you pick for your wrist, neck, or ankle, they zap the chains together to create a permanent loop. 

Most jewelry brands use the term “zapping” to refer to the flash of light that occurs when chains are welded together and are typically completed in a few minutes. 

When considering the permanent jewelry option, it is best to book an appointment either at a local jeweler or with a jewelry maker who makes and sells permanent jewelry chains so your wrist can be measured. This ensures the chain is the perfect length and won’t slide off easily for the life of the piece of jewelry. 

Why Get Permanent Jewelry?

Meaningful pieces of jewelry have served as a physical manifestation of emotions for centuries, which is why modern interpretations often link back to previous eras. 

It is because of this nostalgic vibe, combined with the sentimental aspect of permanent jewelry, that provides the greatest indicator that this trend is destined for a long lifespan. 

Many people choose permanent jewelry due to its ease while others choose it to signify special occasions. The metals used for permanent jewelry are of great quality, which is appealing to those who don’t want to worry about their everyday jewelry or for others who want a classic piece to last forever. 

The simplicity of permanent jewelry allows an individual to seamlessly wear their chosen piece regardless of age or gender, making it an ideal addition to anyone’s collection.

Permanent Jewelry Options

Ultimately, options fully depend on where you purchase your permanent jewelry and what materials they use. If you get your bracelet from a proven artist like Rebecca Zink of Zink Metals or another establishment, they will typically guarantee that your bracelet will stay pristine for as long as you keep it on and treat it properly.

This is why choosing a metal like 14k gold or gold-filled is so popular. You can genuinely live life in your permanent jewelry piece without worrying about it fading and tarnishing unnecessarily. Zink Metals currently offers 14 gold-filled bracelets at events, but 14k solid gold can be available upon request with advanced orders.

Most places that sell permanent jewelry encourage you to use durable, practical metals such as 14k gold filled and sterling silver since they are quality materials that generally don't irritate the skin and lose their shine when cared for properly. 

While gold is known to be slightly more expensive than other metals, it also ensures your permanent piece will stand the test of time.

Permanent Jewelry from Zink Metals

We’re all about permanent jewelry at Zink Metals. Made by Rebecca Zink, our bracelets start at $50 for sterling silver options and 14k gold filled—which is metal that’s gold plated but embodies a thicker plate that’s bonded and holds up to wear and tear—and can stay on for 6 months or more. 

Zink Metals sells and applies permanent jewelry at events and can also take advanced orders for to provide the timeliest response to your jewelry requests. 

Where to buy permanent jewelry from Zink Metals? 

Visit Rebecca at local events or contact her to visit the studio

permanent jewelry bracelet options from Zink Metals

A selection of Zink Metals’ sterling silver and 14k gold-filled permanent bracelets starting at $50. 

Learn more about permanent jewelry options from Zink Metals.

What about adding accent jewelry for your permanent jewelry? 

Consider layering multiple permanent jewelry pieces, or style your permanent jewelry with other jewelry for a unique look. With more pieces always being designed, made, and added to the site, view and shop our collection of bracelets to adorn your wrist. 

Woman wearing the broken bangle bracelet from Zink Metals which is made of steel and broken sterling silver.

Permanent Jewelry FAQs

Is it really permanent jewelry? 

Even though permanent jewelry sounds long-lasting, you typically don’t have to keep it on forever. While many people wear a piece for years, they are typically meant to be worn for six or more months at a time. If you have to remove the piece, it’s easy to remove with wire cutters. You can even save the chain and have it re-welded at a later date. 

Is permanent jewelry safe? 

Generally, yes. It only takes one-to-three painless minutes to get a permanent necklace or bracelet, and permanent jewelry tools don’t touch your skin. It’s important to purchase from a reputable jeweler and that the materials used are high quality, such as sterling silver or 14k gold (or 14k gold-filled), to ensure you don’t have any allergic reactions or irritation.

Will it hurt? 

The welding process is similar throughout brands that offer the service. The process itself is completely painless and only takes about a minute.

Can permanent jewelry be removed? 

Yes, it doesn’t have to be worn forever. To remove your permanent bracelet, simply take wire cutters or a pair of scissors and snip it off. If it happens to break off, you can save the chain and get it re-welded at any time.

Can you wear permanent jewelry through TSA? 

Usually no, you may have to take it off because of traveling by plane to go through TSA security. However, you can save the chain to rewear at a later time. 

Will it affect certain diagnostic medical procedures? 

Your physician may require you to take your permanent jewelry off for certain medical procedures, such as an MRI. Always ask your doctor or medical technician to be safe. If you need to remove it, you can have it re-welded after your procedure.


Learn more about permanent jewelry options from Zink Metals.