Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide 2023


2023 holiday jewelry gift guide for Christmas jewelry and Hanukkah jewelry gifts

Whether it's dramatic drop earrings or an artisanal designed pendant necklace, the greatest jewelry gifts have the power to make anyone feel cherished. The secret to purchasing holiday jewelry gifts is to discover items that resonate with the individual's unique taste and also align with your budget. Read on as we guide you through this season’s go-to jewelry holiday gift guide featuring our 2023 Holiday Jewelry Collection.

Necklace Gifts

A necklace is a wonderful holiday gift, whether it be for Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, because it seamlessly blends beauty, sentiment, and versatility, making it a meaningful and cherished token of your affection during this festive time of year. With the ability to carry deep sentimental value, convey enduring symbolism, and offer the option for personalization, necklace gifts are the perfect holiday jewelry gifts on your gift list.

Choosing Necklace Length

If you’ve decided on a necklace gift, the first decision you need to make is the length of the necklace. Do you want a more dramatic, longer length like Matinee or Opera-style that cascades to the bust, abdomen or waist? Or do you favor more of a collar-style that sits right at the collarbone? All necklace lengths have their benefits and drawbacks, but the key is to choose which length you think will fit the personality of the gift receiver best. 

Also on the decision list is whether you want a pendant, and if so, do you want something that makes a statement or something that’s more subtle? Let’s go through the different length options on your necklace holiday gift guide.

Collar Length Necklaces

Collar necklaces, typically 12-13 inches, form a decorative band around the neck and are perfect for high necklines like turtlenecks. They also can add opulence to evening gowns worn for holiday parties or can add a touch of glamor to sweaters or winter coats/jackets frequently worn during this season.

Princess Length Necklaces

steel and fine silver folded collar necklace for a holiday jewelry gift

The princess length ranges from 16-18 inches and is one of the most popular and versatile necklace lengths, adorning any top with the perfect length of accessory. Zink Metals’ latest Folded Collar Necklace features an 18.5-inch silver chain with a collar of folded and curved steel pieces with a fine silver edge accent. Any gift receiver who wears this statement piece is sure to get stares as they walk into a room!

Or maybe they prefer a pendant, in which our new Teardrop Filigree Necklace would be perfect. Its intricate wirework is definitely a showstopper. Another showstopper necklace is Zink Metals’ Horizontal Biwa Pearl Necklace, with its sterling silver pendant featuring a freshwater white biwa pearl, this necklace adds instant glam to any outfit!

horizontal biwa pearl necklace for a holiday jewelry gift

If your gift receiver prefers a more subtle jewelry style, our Triple Horizontal Broken Necklace would be a wonderful holiday jewelry gift option for this year.

triple horizontal broken necklace gif for a Christmas or Hanukkah jewelry gift

Opera or Rope Length Necklaces

The opera necklace, spanning 28-36 inches, lands at the chest or waist. The rope necklace offers endless styling possibilities. Check out our Long Chain Necklace if your jewelry gift recipient prefers a necklace with a longer length. Its chain is 43-inches long and can be doubled up to make it mid-length, making it a very versatile piece, and a great holiday necklace gift.

Ring Gifts

Rings are a captivating choice for a jewelry holiday gift, offering a timeless symbol of connection and appreciation. Whether as a token of friendship, family bonds, or personal milestones, rings are always visible and adorn one of our most expressive ways of communicating — our hands. From elegant gemstone rings to fashion-forward designs, ring gifts serve as a meaningful and stylish way to express your sentiment and celebrate the holiday spirit. And Zink Metals has several stunning rings that would make great holiday jewelry gifts this season.

Statement Rings

If your holiday gift recipient prefers statement pieces, then our’ new Quadrant Ring is the perfect ring gift. This stunning statement ring is a dramatic 2 inches tall and features a cluster of sterling silver broken pieces surrounded by a blackened piece of blackened steel. It’s the perfect extraordinary piece for those who like to stand out.

large silver quadrant ring gift with other silver rings for a holiday jewelry gifts

Stacking Rings

If your jewelry gift recipient prefers stacking rings, check out the Zink Metals Hammered Stacking Rings. These simple sterling silver rings feature a hammered edge for the perfect amount of personality and sparkle. 

hammered stacking rings that make a great ring gift

Everyday Rings

If everyday jewelry is the holiday gift you’re looking for, then the Zink Metals Large Broken Ring is the ring gift for you. It features a square piece of broken silver, a design statement focused on highlighting the organic texture of the element. If you prefer something of a smaller size, check out the Mini Broken Ring which features the same broken silver design element. 

For those who are looking for a medium-sized ring gift, the Triple Broken Ring would be perfect. It features three broken pieces of silver that are handmade. It can be worn on its own or added to a stack. 

large broken ring for a holiday ring gift

Earrings Gifts

When selecting earrings as a holiday gift, it's essential to consider the recipient's personal style and preferences. Pay attention to the types of jewelry they typically wear, whether it's classic and understated, bold and contemporary, or perhaps something in between. Take note of any favorite metals, such as gold or silver, and consider their comfort level with various earring styles, like studs, hoops, or dangling earrings. 

Earrings featuring gemstones or birthstones can add a personalized touch, reflecting the recipient's unique taste or celebrating a meaningful date. Ultimately, choosing earrings that align with the recipient's individual style and reflect the thought you've put into the selection will make for a thoughtful and well-received holiday gift.

Statement Earrings

If a pair of statement earrings is on your holiday gift guide list, our Folded Earrings would be a great jewelry gift, which also pair perfectly with our Folded Collar Necklace. Made of folded steel ovals with fine silver accents on the edges, these large earrings hang from sterling silver ear wires. 

Also take a look at the Large Circle Filigree Earrings, which utilize the Russian filigree technique to create a one-of-a-kind pair of earrings that are sure to catch any eye in the room and be a great holiday jewelry gift. 

 folded earrings, earrings gift christmas jewelry gift

Everyday Earrings

If you’re looking for more of an everyday style earring as a holiday jewelry gift, Zink Metals has created some more simplistic, yet very stylish earrings that may be a great choice. The Broken Silver Stud earrings and Broken Silver Dangle Earrings are created using a broken silver artistic technique that results in each pair of earrings being unique. The studs feature  small square silver studs and the dangle earrings hang from long silver ear wires to give the broken silver squares some movement.

Holiday Jewelry Gifts

Whatever holiday jewelry gifts you choose for your family, friends or loved ones, the key is to ensure a match between their typical jewelry style, what appeals to you as the gift giver, and what matches the gift budget you had in mind. Jewelry is a wonderfully personal gift that holds a lot of meaning between the giver, the receiver, the materials it's made of, the design of the jewelry, and the occasion for which it is given. 

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are the perfect holidays to treat your someone special to a little something special. Be sure to check out our entire 2023 Holiday Jewelry Collection to ensure you don’t miss the perfect design for your loved one.

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