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Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

Triple Horizontal Broken Silver Necklace, a silver anniversary gift idea


What better way to celebrate your love than to give the gift of jewelry? The American National Jeweler Retail Association put out a comprehensive list in 1937 of what gems and metals are appropriate for what anniversary year a couple is celebrating–and the rest is history. Since that time, spouses have been searching for the perfect anniversary jewelry for her, specifically following the recommendations for anniversary jewelry by year. This shows he has done his research and understands the meaning behind the gift. 

Unfamiliar with the symbolic anniversary jewelry for each year? No worries — we will walk you through the milestone jewelry items and offer some anniversary jewelry gift ideas guaranteed to bring that smile that you love to her face.

Anniversary Jewelry By Year

From that special first year of a gold anniversary gift to 50th anniversary gifts, there’s a perfect anniversary jewelry gift for each year.

1st Year Anniversary Jewelry: Gold Jewelry

The tradition of gold anniversary gifts on the 1st wedding anniversary has roots in both cultural symbolism and historical significance. Gold has been associated with wealth, prosperity, and enduring value. These qualities are often seen as reflections of a strong and lasting marriage. The practice may have originated from the ancient Egyptian belief that gold is a symbol of eternity, as it is resistant to tarnish and corrosion. 

Choosing gold jewelry, like our gold permanent bracelets, as a 1st-anniversary gift holds significant importance. It symbolizes the enduring and timeless nature of the commitment made during the first year of marriage. Gold's inherent value mirrors the preciousness of the bond formed between the newlyweds. The tradition encourages couples to celebrate the strength of their relationship and the wealth of experiences shared during the initial year of matrimony. 

Additionally, the act of exchanging gold jewelry serves as a tangible expression of love and commitment, providing a lasting reminder of the vows taken and the journey embarked upon together.

2nd Year Anniversary Jewelry: Garnets

Traditionally, garnets are associated with the 2nd wedding anniversary. Garnets, like those used in our Eros Garnet Ring, are gemstones that come in a variety of colors, but they are commonly known for their deep red hues. The choice of garnets as a second-anniversary jewelry gift is symbolic and meaningful. Garnets are believed to symbolize passion, love, and commitment, making them a fitting representation of the emotions and devotion shared by a couple entering their second year of marriage.

The deep red color of garnets is often associated with the heart and signifies the enduring warmth and affection that partners have for each other. Additionally, garnets are believed to have protective properties, making them symbolic of a strong and secure bond. Giving garnet jewelry on the second wedding anniversary is a way to express love, commitment, and the hope for a passionate and enduring relationship.

As with many anniversary traditions, the choice of garnet as a jewelry anniversary gift for her encourages couples to celebrate the unique qualities of their union and to reflect on the depth of their connection as they continue their journey together.

3rd Year Anniversary Jewelry: Pearls

Biwa Pearl Cluster Necklace, an anniversary jewelry gift ideaThe giving of pearls as a 3rd year anniversary jewelry gift for her comes from the symbolism of how pearls are formed and how that relates to a marriage. The formation of a pearl inside the oyster reflects the journey of a relationship, where challenges and experiences contribute to the growth of a strong and beautiful union. Pearls are also considered timeless and classic, emphasizing the enduring nature of a loving partnership. 

Giving pearls as 3rd wedding anniversary jewelry is a way to honor the milestones and challenges faced by the couple while expressing the desire for continued growth, beauty, and resilience in their marriage. The tradition encourages couples to cherish the precious and unique qualities of their relationship as they celebrate three years of shared experiences and commitment.

Zink Metals has designed several unique jewelry pieces that feature pearls, including the larger Biwa Pearl Circle Cluster Necklace made of steel and silver and a freshwater biwa pearl

4th Year Anniversary Jewelry: Topaz

The Icy Blue Druzy necklace, a blue topaz alternative anniversary giftThe 4th anniversary jewelry gift is typically the gem blue topaz. It is believed to represent love and communication, two essential elements for a thriving relationship. The gem’s calming and soothing tones are thought to promote harmony and understanding, making it an apt anniversary jewelry gift idea to commemorate the resilience and growth a couple has experienced during the initial years of matrimony.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, blue topaz is also associated with loyalty and fidelity. The gemstone is believed to enhance feelings of trust and mutual respect between partners. Gifting blue topaz on the 4th wedding anniversary serves as a tangible expression of commitment and a reminder to continue fostering open communication and emotional connection. As couples navigate the challenges and joys of the 4th year of marriage, blue topaz becomes a symbol of the deepening bond and the importance of maintaining a foundation built on love, trust, and shared understanding.

5th Year Anniversary Jewelry: Sapphires

The tradition of giving sapphire as the 5th-anniversary jewelry gift is rooted in symbolism and cultural significance. Sapphires, with their rich blue hues, have long been associated with qualities such as loyalty, wisdom, and nobility. The deep and enduring blue color of sapphires is often considered a representation of the steadfast nature of a committed and maturing marriage. 

The choice of sapphires for the 5th anniversary jewelry gift encourages couples to reflect on the strength of their bond, emphasizing loyalty and the wisdom gained from five years of shared experiences. Beyond its color symbolism, sapphires also carry a sense of protection and good fortune in various cultures.

In some traditions, sapphires are believed to bring peace and tranquility to the wearer. Gifting sapphire jewelry on the 5th wedding anniversary is a way to wish the couple continued peace, prosperity, and a future filled with positive experiences. The enduring beauty of sapphires serves as a testament to the enduring love between partners, making it a meaningful and timeless choice for celebrating the fifth year of marriage. 

6th Year Anniversary Jewelry: Amethyst

The tradition of gifting amethyst for the 6th wedding anniversary is steeped in symbolism and cultural significance. Amethyst, with its enchanting purple hues, has long been associated with qualities such as tranquility, balance, and inner strength. As a gemstone, amethyst is believed to promote calmness and clarity of mind, making it a fitting choice for couples who have journeyed together for six years. The purple color is often linked to royalty and elegance, adding a touch of regality to the celebration of a significant marital milestone.

Amethyst is also associated with the idea of protection and positive energy. In various cultures, it is believed to ward off negative influences and foster a sense of harmony within relationships. The choice of amethyst for the sixth anniversary is a reflection of the hope for continued peace and balance in the marriage. 

As couples celebrate six years of matrimony, amethyst becomes a symbolic representation of the enduring strength, wisdom, and serenity that can be found in a union that has weathered various seasons together.

7th Year Anniversary Jewelry: Yellow Sapphire

Zink Metals’ Iron Oxide in Quartz necklace, a 7th anniversary gift idea Yellow sapphire is associated with the 7th wedding anniversary jewelry gift and is chosen for its vibrant and sunny hues, symbolizing joy, prosperity, and wisdom. The bright and cheerful color of yellow sapphire is believed to bring positive energy and good fortune to the couple celebrating seven years of marriage. 

In addition to its joyful symbolism, yellow sapphire is often associated with wisdom and enlightenment. Its warm color is thought to stimulate the intellect and encourage clear thinking, fostering a deeper understanding between partners.

Giving a yellow sapphire as a piece of anniversary jewelry is a way to celebrate the shared experiences, growth, and wisdom gained throughout the seven years of marriage. The gemstone serves as a beautiful reminder of the enduring love and the hope for a future filled with continued joy, prosperity, and a deepening connection between the couple.

8th Year Anniversary Jewelry: Tourmaline

Anniversary jewelry gift idea, Broken Tourmaline EarringsTourmaline is chosen as the 8th anniversary jewelry gift due to its stunning variety of color options and the meaningful symbolism it carries. Tourmalines come in an array of hues, and this diversity is often seen as a representation of the multifaceted nature of a marriage that has reached its eighth year. The vibrant colors of tourmaline represent the spectrum of emotions and experiences that couples navigate together, making it a fitting anniversary jewelry gift for her for celebrating eight years of shared joys and challenges.

Giving tourmaline as anniversary jewelry to her on the 8th anniversary reflects the desire for continued balance and unity in the marriage. It symbolizes the couple's journey through various shades of life and the commitment to maintaining a harmonious and resilient bond as they look forward to the years ahead.

Zink Metals presents an exquisite option for an 8th anniversary gift with our Broken Tourmaline Earrings. Crafted with care, these earrings showcase black tourmalines boasting a distinctive, raw surface, elegantly complemented by fragments of broken sterling silver. The result is a uniquely designed gift that sets itself apart, promising to be a one-of-a-kind addition to her collection and a special way to commemorate eight years of shared love and commitment.

9th Year Anniversary Jewelry: Morganite

Morganite is chosen as the 9th anniversary jewelry gift due to its exquisite beauty and the meaningful symbolism it carries. This stunning gemstone, with its delicate shades of pink or peach, is believed to symbolize love, compassion, and tenderness. The soft, romantic hues of morganite are often associated with qualities that reflect the depth and warmth of a long-lasting marriage. 

Giving morganite as anniversary jewelry on the 9th anniversary is a gesture that expresses a continued commitment to love, understanding, and emotional connection between partners.

10th Year Anniversary Jewelry: Diamond Jewelry

The tradition of giving diamonds as the 10-year anniversary jewelry is because diamonds are renowned for their hardness and durability, making them a symbol of resilience and longevity — much like a marriage that has withstood the test of time for a decade. 

The crystalline structure of diamonds reflects the enduring commitment and unbreakable bond formed between partners over the course of ten years. Beyond their physical properties, diamonds are also associated with clarity and purity, symbolizing the transparency and authenticity that characterize a mature and lasting marriage — perfect for 10-year anniversary jewelry.

Diamonds also hold cultural emotional significance, representing the lasting love and deep emotional connection that has grown between a couple over the course of ten years. The brilliance of diamonds is thought to mirror the brilliance of a committed partnership that has weathered various challenges and emerged stronger. 

Whether you opt for an anniversary gift of timeless elegance of traditional white diamonds or choose something distinctive like black diamond jewelry, any diamond jewelry gift promises to be a stunning and cherished jewelry gift for her.

11th Anniversary Gift: Steel Anniversary Gift

Steel is the traditional 11th anniversary gift, representing the strength and resilience required to endure and thrive in a marriage that has reached over a decade. Unlike more conventional jewelry materials, a steel anniversary gift is rugged, durable, and unyielding — a fitting metaphor for the enduring nature of a relationship that has weathered the challenges of eleven years. 

The use of steel as the 11th anniversary gift underscores the couple's ability to withstand the trials of time and emerge even stronger, akin to the forging process that strengthens steel over time. A steel anniversary gift symbolizes the sturdiness and tenacity needed to build a lasting and robust marriage.

Additionally, steel is versatile and adaptable, reflecting the necessity for flexibility and compromise in a successful long-term partnership. Giving steel as the 11th anniversary gift becomes an opportunity for couples to celebrate the malleability and strength of their relationship, acknowledging that it's the combination of toughness and adaptability that has allowed their marriage to stand firm amid the changes and challenges they've encountered together. Steel, in its resilience and flexibility, becomes a tangible representation of the couple's commitment to a durable, enduring, and ever-evolving union.

Steel is a central material used in Zink Metals’ unique jewelry pieces. The Links Collection, for example, features a variety of earring and necklace styles created using a variety of steel shapes and sizes in different linking coordinations. These are perfect 11th-anniversary gift ideas.

Milestone Anniversaries

Let’s now delve into the significant milestone anniversaries, each carrying a special meaning.  These landmark anniversaries are cause for great celebrations when they are reached and are the perfect chance to show her your love with an anniversary jewelry gift that was chosen for that special year.

25th Anniversary Jewelry Gift: Silver Anniversary Gifts

Triple Broken Silver Ring, a great 25th anniversary gift ideaThe tradition of silver for the 25th anniversary gift is deeply rooted in symbolism and reflects the significant milestone of a quarter-century of marriage. Silver, known for its lustrous shine and timeless elegance, is chosen to honor the enduring beauty of a relationship that has stood the test of time. 

The precious metal symbolizes purity, clarity, and the radiance of enduring love. Just as fine silver stands as the purest and whitest among precious metals, couples celebrating their 25th anniversary are encouraged to reflect on the purity of their commitment and the enduring glow of their shared journey.

In addition to its symbolic value, silver anniversary gifts also hold practical significance. Historically, silver has been associated with wealth and prosperity, linking it to the abundance of experiences and growth that a couple accumulates over 25 years of marriage. The choice of silver as the 25th anniversary gift is a celebration of the richness and depth that a quarter-century of shared memories, challenges, and triumphs brings to a marriage. Silver anniversary gifts become a tangible representation of the couple's enduring love, shining brightly as they continue their journey together.

Zink Metals features silver as a main material in many of its jewelry pieces, but it takes center stage in our special Broken Silver Collection. In this special collection, necklaces, earrings and rings all are distinctive pieces of unique art created by damaging silver through heating. This creates a broken or “rough” silver look, perfect for the spouse who wants to stand out with their jewelry.

50th Anniversary Jewelry Gifts: The Golden Jubilee

50th anniversary jewelry gift idea, gold permanent jewelry braceletsThe 50th wedding anniversary is commonly known as the golden anniversary, and as such, gold jewelry is a popular and traditional gift for this milestone celebration. Gold as an anniversary gift symbolizes the enduring strength, wealth, and value of a marriage that has spanned five decades. Couples often exchange gold jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, or watches, to mark this significant achievement and to honor the long-lasting commitment they have shared.

The choice of gold for 50th anniversary gifts reflects the precious and lasting nature of the relationship, much like gold's timeless and valuable qualities. Gold anniversary gifts also serve as a symbol of the couple's enduring love, prosperity, and the golden memories created throughout their 50 years of marriage. While gold is the traditional choice for a 50th anniversary gift, some couples may also opt for personalized and sentimental jewelry pieces that hold special meaning for their unique journey together.

Anniversary Jewelry: A Meaningful Tradition

Commemorating wedding anniversaries with the gift of jewelry is a timeless and meaningful tradition that beautifully encapsulates the depth of love and dedication shared between partners. Each precious gem or metal chosen for a specific anniversary carries its own symbolism, reflecting the unique qualities and experiences of the marriage. 

From the enduring strength of diamonds to the adaptability of steel and the pure radiance of silver, these jewelry gifts become tangible expressions of commitment, resilience, and enduring love. The act of selecting and exchanging anniversary jewelry gift ideas not only marks the passing of time but also serves as a heartfelt reminder of the shared journey, the growth as a couple, and the continued promise to build a future together. 

In these gleaming tokens, couples find a language of love that transcends words — a language spoken through the brilliance of gemstones and the enduring glow of precious metals, creating a tradition that celebrates not just the years passed but the enduring beauty of a lifelong partnership.