Can You Mix Metals in Your Jewelry? Tips for Creating a Stylish and Cohesive Look

Zink Metals Folded Collar Necklace mixes folded steel with sterling silver accents to create a statement mixed metal piece


In the world of fashion and accessories, traditional rules are continually being challenged, especially when it comes to the art of mixing metals in jewelry. The once steadfast rule of sticking to one metal per outfit has been replaced by a more liberated approach, encouraging personal style and creativity. 

Whether it's the subtle blend of silver and steel jewelry or the more contrasting blend of gold and silver, the possibilities are endless. We will explore the ins and outs of mixing metals in jewelry, offering tips on how to create a stylish and cohesive look that reflects your unique aesthetic.

Breaking the Myth: Mixing Silver and Gold Jewelry

mix silver and gold bracelets on your wrist as a way to be in on the mixed metals jewelry trend

The question "can you mix silver and gold jewelry?" has been a topic of debate for many years. However, the modern fashion landscape answers with a resounding “yes!” Mixing silver and gold jewelry is not just acceptable; it's a current trend that adds depth and dimension to your ensemble.

The interplay of gold's warmth and silver's cool sheen offers a visually appealing contrast that enhances the overall richness and texture of an outfit. This harmonious blend of metals reflects a sophisticated and eclectic style, embracing versatility and breaking free from traditional ‘jewelry rules’.

The mixing silver and gold jewelry trend can be showcased by wearing silver and gold bracelets together, or mixing gold and silver necklaces of different lengths around the neck. Zink Metals' XOXO necklace showcases the beauty of gold and silver coming together, but in a single versatile statement piece that complements a wide range of outfits. The wearability options for this trend are utterly limitless.

Close up on XOXO necklace in silver and gold

How to Mix Silver and Steel Jewelry

Silver has long been cherished for its lustrous finish and timeless appeal, while steel is praised for its strength and modern vibe. When these two metals are combined in a single look, the result is a harmonious blend that offers the best of both worlds. The cool tones of silver complement the sleek, contemporary feel of steel, creating adornments that are both eye-catching and subtly elegant.

The trend of mixing steel and silver jewelry represents a blend of industrial resilience and classic elegance, appealing to a modern aesthetic that values innovation and durability.This trend can be rocked by wearing separate silver and steel pieces or wearing a combined material piece.

Circle and Square drop earrings, an example of mixed silver and steel jewelry

When combined into one jewelry piece, these two materials together create pieces that are not only unique in design but also low maintenance and versatile, suitable for everyday wear and a range of activities without the fear of damage. 

When it comes to wearing separate silver and steel jewelry together, the key is to embrace the subtle contrast and complementary nature of these two metals. For a harmonious blend, consider pairing a sleek stainless steel watch with a delicate silver bracelet or bangle. This combination works well because both metals share a similar cool-toned luster, allowing them to seamlessly integrate without overpowering each other. 

Alternatively, layering a chunky steel necklace with a finer, intricate silver pendant necklace can create a dynamic and textured look, perfect for adding interest to a simple outfit. The trick is to balance the boldness of steel with the refined elegance of silver, achieving a look that's sophisticated yet effortlessly cohesive.

mixed metals jewelry folded collar necklace, made of folded steel and has sterling silver accents

Wearing mixed steel and silver jewelry makes a bold statement of individuality and forward-thinking fashion, reflecting a preference for sustainable, durable, and versatile pieces that transcend seasonal trends. It symbolizes a balance between strength and beauty, catering to those who appreciate the harmony of contrasts and the expression of nuanced personality through their accessories. Zink Metals is known for our silver and steel jewelry creations.

Mixing Metals in Jewelry: Other Popular Combinations

Rose Gold and Platinum

One of the most elegant and contemporary combinations seen in today's jewelry is the pairing of rose gold with platinum. Rose gold, with its warm, pinkish hue, brings a soft, romantic allure to jewelry pieces, while platinum offers a stark contrast with its bright white sheen and unmatched durability. This mix not only offers a visual feast, but also combines the luxurious appeal of platinum with the trendy and vintage vibe of rose gold.

Copper and Silver

The interplay between copper and sterling silver not only offers visual appeal but also adds a tactile dimension to jewelry, inviting the wearer to experience the distinct textures and temperatures of each metal. As these pieces age, they tell a story through their changing texture and sheen, becoming personalized artifacts of the wearer's journey. T

Tungsten and Rose Gold

Tungsten, known for its incredible toughness and sleek, gunmetal finish, when combined with rose gold, creates an intriguing mix of modern masculinity and subtle femininity. This combination is becoming increasingly popular in men's jewelry, especially in rings, where the durability of tungsten meets the aesthetic appeal of rose gold accents.

How to Best Mix Metals in Jewelry

the pierced circle earrings are one way to mix metals in jewelry with combined steel and silver

The variety of ways to mix metals in jewelry is as vast as the different fashion styles to adorn them with. We highlight here some key ways to step into this trend with thoughtfulness, to help you mix and match key pieces in your collection to highlight their best characteristics and elevate your style to an entirely different level. 

Start with a Statement Piece 

Choose a standout piece that combines two metals, like Zink Metal’s Pierced Circle Earrings. Made of steel and sterling silver, and garnished with beautiful round garnets, they will serve as the focal point of your look. These will naturally tie in other jewelry pieces of different metals.

Maintain Balance with Silver, Steel Jewelry 

Silver and steel jewelry blend seamlessly due to their similar hues. Wearing silver and steel bracelets together can create a subtle yet sophisticated look, perfect for both casual and formal settings.

Layer with Purpose 

Layering silver and gold necklaces is a chic way to mix metals. Start with shorter necklaces in one metal and gradually add longer pieces in another metal to create a cascading effect.

Cohesion through Design

When mixing gold and silver, look for pieces that share a common design element, such as a similar pattern or motif. This will help unify the look and make the combination appear intentional.

Consider Your Outfit's Color Palette

When mixing metals jewelry, consider the colors of your outfit. Cooler tones tend to complement silver steel jewelry, while warmer hues can enhance the richness of gold and silver pieces.

Use Mixed Metal Pieces as a Bridge

Jewelry that features both silver and gold, such as silver and gold bracelets, can act as a bridge that brings your mixed metal ensemble together.

Play with Textures

Mixing different textures can add depth to your look. A smooth gold bangle paired with a textured silver ring can create an interesting visual contrast.

Keep It Personal

Ultimately, the most important aspect of mixing metals is that it reflects your personal style. Don't be afraid to experiment and find combinations that resonate with you.

How to Mix Metals in Jewelry: Create Balance

As we’ve explored, the question "can you mix metals jewelry?" is met with an enthusiastic affirmation in today's fashion world. Whether it's combining silver and gold bracelets, layering silver and gold necklaces, or showcasing the elegance of silver and steel jewelry, the key lies in balance, cohesion, and personal expression. 

By embracing the tips outlined above, you can confidently mix metals in your jewelry, creating looks that are uniquely yours and effortlessly stylish. Remember, the rules of fashion are there to guide, not dictate — so go ahead and mix it up.