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Sizzling Summer Jewelry Trends for 2023

Zink Metals 2023 jewelry trends of the summer

The arrival of summer brings an air of excitement as we begin to soak up the sun, frequent parties and events, and unwind by the pool. It’s the perfect time to update your jewelry collection and embrace the latest jewelry trends to elevate your style wherever the summer takes you. As the temperature rises, so does the excitement around new and vibrant jewelry designs. Staying in tune with the latest summer jewelry trends allows you to express your personal style while keeping up to date with the latest in fashion. 

This summer, we're witnessing some classics reborn as well as new styles emerge. From delicate chain jewelry for the minimalist to colorful gemstones and pearls that bring a playful allure, the summer of 2023 promises an array of captivating options. The season also brings a fascination with unusual cuts, the timeless beauty of silver, and the luxurious textures of gold jewelry. Let's delve into the top jewelry trends that will effortlessly enhance your summer looks and keep you ahead of the fashion curve.

Chain Jewelry

silver and steel statement chain link necklace trending jewelry

Chain jewelry has been around for centuries. From Ancient Egyptian jewelry to the modern chunky chain link jewelry of today, chains have remained a part of both everyday wear and high fashion on the runway. This summer is no different. Dainty silver or gold chains are a classic and are great for everyday styles. While chains with unique shapes and varying sizes can make a statement when you want to stand out at your next summer event.

Chain bracelets can be worn as an everyday accessory or paired with a summer party dress. You might consider a permanent bracelet as a timeless accessory to your daily attire for one less thing to worry about putting on and taking off each day. Because one thing we love about summer is the laid-back atmosphere and taking it easy. And permanent jewelry bracelets can be worn while swimming and doing other outdoor activities so they’re perfect for the summer.

When you want to make a statement, chunky chain necklaces are the perfect way to complete an outfit. Chains with unique shapes like diamonds or rectangles are on-trend for the season. We’re also seeing a lot of chains with varying shapes and sizes that will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd this summer. Chains necklaces can be the perfect complement to a simple tank or dress without a lot of effort.

Colorful Gemstones & Pearls

Nothing says summer more than vibrant colors. Colorful jewelry is always a fun jewelry trend we look forward to every summer. And this summer is no exception. Colorful gemstones are all the rage this year. And emeralds are especially making their mark this summer with their earthy tones and bright shades. 

Zink Metals has colorful gemstone necklaces, earrings, and rings — from bright red garnets to green emeralds — that will brighten up any summer outfit.

For those that don’t want to overshadow a colorful outfit, pearls are also a popular choice this summer. Pearls have always been a staple in many jewelry boxes. But this year, instead of the boring old pearl beaded necklaces, pearls in jewelry pieces with unique silver details like our Biwa Pearl Circle Cluster Necklace are trending hot. 

Biwa Pearl Circle Cluster necklace with silver, a summer jewelry trend

Whether you want to add a pop of color to an outfit or are looking for a compliment to your already vibrant ensemble, Zink Metals has many jewelry pieces to choose from.

Gold & Mixed Jewelry Pieces

Gold will never go out of style and is always a good go-to. What’s trendy this summer is gold textured jewelry and gold mixed with other metals. Gold bracelets and necklaces with unique designs and textures are a great addition to an outfit for a night out. Gold textured jewelry is standing out over the standard polished gold finishes. Large bangle bracelets with hammered or intricate details can be worn alone or layered with other simple bracelets. While gold textured necklaces are sure to make a statement.

mixed metals sterling silver and steel square pendant necklace

Combining different metals is also on-trend this summer. From mixed silver and gold necklace pendants to earrings with contrasting steel and silver pieces, mixed metal jewelry pieces are sure to stand out. The shine and brightness of silver mixed with the industrial look of steel is a signature style in many of Zink Metals' jewelry. 

Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry is another classic that’s re-emerging this summer. We’re seeing more celebrities wear silver on the red carpet lately, but the everyday staple silver pieces are coming back in style. Silver chain bracelets and chunky bangles are great to pair with a blazer or sheer blouse. While long silver necklaces can dress up a simple cami.

We mentioned textures in gold are all the rage, but textured silver jewelry will also be popular this summer. You’ll see a lot of textured silver jewelry popping up this summer too — from large silver rings to hammered silver earrings. 

Check out our Broken Silver Collection for textured silver pieces to match any summer style.

Choosing the Right Jewelry For Summer

Pairing the right piece of jewelry with your outfit is also important if you want to stay on trend this summer. Choosing the right accessories and learning how to mix and match styles can take some practice. Simple chains and stud earrings are great for any outfit. But when you want to make a statement or are dressing for a more formal occasion, choosing the right jewelry can be just as important as choosing the right outfit.

For casual looks, you may consider silver studs paired with a small pendant necklace. Some wear everyday rings most of the year but may skip them as daily accessories in the summer when the hotter temperatures make our fingers swell. But at night, statement rings are great to pair with any ensemble to add a bit of flair.

Summer weddings, parties, and other events present the ideal opportunity to enhance your style with the perfect accessories. As you get dressed up for an important event, the right accessories can really complete your ensemble. Opt for one statement piece or coordinating pieces to ensure a polished and refined look. Matching necklaces and earrings can elevate a simple party dress, adding the finishing touches that truly bring your look to life.

Read How to Accessorize: Choosing the Right Jewelry for You for more styling tips.

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