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Top Jewelry Trends of 2024

folded metal, one of the 2024 jewelry trends


An exciting year for jewelry is well underway with jewelers, designers, and fashion outlets branding 2024 the year of the accessory. From brooches and bows to clock rings and mixed metal designs, these pieces were created to make a statement.   

With an affinity for accouterment, the latest jewelry trends are sure to spark unexpected inspiration and leave a desire to add something new to your jewelry collection.

With a mix of old and new styles, let’s unpack this year’s trending jewelry. 

Take Note of 2024’s Trending Jewelry

Chain Links 

steel and silver chain link necklace trending jewelry

Chain link jewelry has been an eye-catching trend for quite some time. Without question, each decade has seen some variation of the chain link soar in trending jewelry. This year, the heavy metal chain link look — a style that arguably hit peak popularity in the 90’s by rap artists — is back and better than ever.  


Consider the chain’s versatility. Depending on the design, it can easily suit any age, gender, or style; and rather than just a chain to hang a pendant, the chain has become the focus.

Chain link necklaces with a bold, well-thought-out design have become highly sought-after pieces, and as more chain link styles continue to emerge, this trend’s accessibility grants you the freedom to experiment and own a versatile and ever-trending jewelry collection.

Zink Metals’ distinctive steel and sterling silver chain link necklace is handmade with large mixed metal chain links.


The long-cherished emblem of vintage elegance — the brooch — effortlessly weaves a tapestry of personality into every outfit; and the latest jewelry trends show that brooches are making a stylish comeback in 2024.

Brooches can be pinned freely on any garment and become a focal point to even your most basic wardrobe staples. 

The brooch trend that is making a dramatic resurgence today seemingly has the ability to suit every style and occasion — depending on what you’re into.

You can find brooch sizes ranging from understated to bold and oversized, and styles with showy gemstones, edgy metallic shapes, intricate designs, and much more.  

Bow and Heart-Shaped Jewelry

Bow-shaped jewelry: It’s bow mania in the jewelry space as the classic hair bow of girlhood and symbol of saccharine is reimagined as rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. These pieces run the spectrum of style, too, with bow-shaped jewelry set with diamonds or colorful gemstones, made from resin, or cut from various metals.  

Heart-shaped jewelry: From Irish Claddagh rings — where two hands hold a heart — to the millennial craze of the Elle Woods-inspired heart tag, chunky chain necklace from Tiffany & Co., heart jewelry has never truly gone out of style. But trend forecasters say heart-shaped jewelry is surging in 2024, and we can confirm it’s back en vogue.

As the evergreen symbol of affection, there’s really so much to love with this trend. There’s something for everyone with over-the-top statement earrings to daintier bracelets and layering necklaces for a more subtle impact.

Layering Necklaces and Bracelets 

layered necklaces are a jewelry trend for 2024

Layering jewelry is the epitome of effortless chic, and in the ever-evolving landscape of women's fashion jewelry trends, layering necklaces and bracelets is the most personal one. This trend involves wearing multiple necklaces and bracelets at once, creating a unique, eye-catching look that is uniquely and intimately yours.

This trend celebrates the combination of multiple necklaces, varying in length, texture, and style; and bracelets that mix textures, metals, and gemstones for a unique and stylish stack.

You can intermingle delicate chains with pendants, explore looks with different materials and charms, and layer longer strands with a choker. Layering necklaces and bracelets requires a playful experimentation period where you’ll discover a balanced and cohesive look that impeccably reflects your style.

Zink Metals’ Triple Horizontal Broken Silver Necklace, a sterling silver necklace, features three stations of broken sterling silver and is perfect for layering.

Ring Watches and Ticking Necklaces 

Ring watches started making their way onto trendsetter’s fingers in 2023, but after Taylor Swift wore a watch choker to the 2024 Grammys, it’s safe to say that the unexpected timepiece jewelry trend is officially here. 

While traditional wrist watches are still very popular when it comes to accessorizing, many are experimenting and having fun with sleek watch jewelry that aren’t meant for your wrist at all.

Clock rings and necklaces that tick are unconventional plays on the traditional watch and — depending on your style and accessory goals — they intertwine harmoniously with other staples, like statement earrings and layering necklaces. 

Color Accents 

combining two of Zink Metals' gemstone necklaces from the Color collection is a latest jewelry trend

The latest jewelry trends would be nothing without color, and in 2024, color is strong with color accents and contrasting colors.

Today’s colorful jewelry trends feature colored gemstones and diamonds, two-tone coloring, and contrasting colors. For a bold take on this trend, think layering different metals to color block your accessory game. For a more subtle color accent, choose one colored gemstone or diamond to contrast the other neutral jewelry tones you’ll wear.

This egg-shaped rose-cut amethyst necklace is the perfect purple color and pairs well with any other necklaces from our color collection. 

Sculptural and Folded Metal Jewelry 

Steel and silver folded collar necklace using folded metal jewelry technique

Structural-shaped and folded metal jewelry is really taking center stage this year and having a well-deserved moment.

Like wearing a true piece of art, sculptural and folded metal jewelry offers a more artful update to classic jewelry pieces like hoop earrings, bangles, and necklaces. 

Trending structural-shaped and folded metal jewelry styles vary greatly from a cool, clean aesthetic to rough and edgy. This jewelry trend is truly about all things metal — made from classic materials, like gold and silver, and manipulated metals like, steel and broken silver.

This stunning, lightweight Folded Collar Necklace features folded and curved steel pieces with a fine silver accent.  

The Latest Jewelry Trends & Your Individuality 

While these seven trends are growing in popularity, I like to remind my customers there is never a hard and fast rule with trends. Fashion and jewelry trends are all about embracing individuality, mixing up your look, trying different things, and letting today’s trending jewelry inspire you.

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Zink Metals' broken silver necklace using a unique textured silver technique


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