A Birthday Jewelry Gift Buying Guide

birthday jewelry gift from daughter and granddaughter

Jewelry is always a favorite when it comes to birthday gifts. Whether the recipient is your cherished mother, a beloved sister, a trusted best friend, or a significant other, the thoughtfulness involved in picking out the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one puts jewelry birthday gifts a step above the rest. Beyond the material gift, each unique piece encapsulates emotions and relationships. With every adornment of your gift of love, the wearer is reminded of you. Join us as we navigate through a selection of thoughtfully curated birthday jewelry gift ideas, illuminating the path to discovering that perfect jewelry piece for your treasured one's celebratory day.

Birthstone Jewelry

Throughout history, various cultures like the Greeks, Romans, and Indians attributed mystical and astrological significance to gemstones, influencing their use in what became birthstone jewelry. Over time, birthstones gained popularity for their perceived influence on one's fortune, health, and personality traits. In the modern era, birthstones have become a cherished tradition, each month associated with a unique gemstone. Jewelry designers and craftsmen continue to incorporate birthstones into exquisite pieces, celebrating individuality and connecting wearers to their birth month's symbolic and historical significance. 

Birthstones by month:

  • January = Garnet
  • February = Amethyst
  • March = Aquamarine
  • April = Diamond
  • May = Emerald
  • June = Pearl or Alexandrite
  • July = Ruby
  • August = Peridot
  • September = Sapphire
  • October = Opal or Tourmaline
  • November = Yellow Topaz or Citrine
  • December = Blue Topaz or Blue Zircon
Eros Garnet Ring, birthstone ring

Zink Metals offers an entire Color Collection that features birthstone necklaces, birthstone rings and birthstone earrings. The Eros Garnet Ring would be an exemplary birthstone ring choice for loved ones born in January. It features a deep red hexagonal cut garnet stone set in a unique steel and sterling silver angled pattern bar that runs across two fingers. It’s a piece for your Capricorn/Aquarius loved ones that like to stand out.

Horizontal Green Uvarovite Garnet birthstone necklace

Another exceptional Zink Metals’ piece that would make the perfect birthstone jewelry gift is the Horizontal Green Uvarovite Garnet Necklace. Even though green uvarovite garnet isn’t the exact May birthstone, it is often mistaken for May’s birthstone, emerald, because of its matching color. Green uvarovite garnet is a crystal that brings strength and peace to the heart, so it’s a superb gift for someone you love. 

Similarly, Zink Metals’ Bright Blue Druzy Necklace is a good color match for September’s sapphire birthstone. The pop of blue in this sterling silver pendant is the eye-catching statement piece to make an outfit stand out, and the perfect birthday jewelry gift to celebrate the Virgo or Libra in your life.

June’s birthstone is the beautiful pearl. Pearls, with their ethereal elegance, hold a timeless allure. Glistening like drops of moonlight captured within the depths of the ocean, these exquisite gems symbolize purity, wisdom, and transformation. Just as a pearl is born from the heart of an oyster, formed layer by layer in response to the intrusion of a foreign object, so too do humans evolve and grow through life's challenges. Zink Metals’ Biwa Pearl Circle Necklace would be a beautiful birthstone necklace gift for those with a June birthday.

Everyday Jewelry

Angled Necklace, everyday birthday gift jewelry

Sometimes the best jewelry to give for a birthday is something that can be worn every day. It’s the necklace or bracelet that never gets taken off because it’s so dainty and simple that it matches every outfit and every occasion. And it stays on as a constant reminder of the loved one who gave it to you.

The Angled Necklace, by Zink Metals is a perfect example. This piece features an 18-in. Sterling silver necklace chain that holds an angled steel oval pendant that rocks freely with movement. These can be paired with another great everyday wear birthday jewelry gift, Zink Metals’ Angled Stud Earrings, which also feature freely moving steel ovals, giving just the right amount of adornment to an outfit without overpowering it.

A newer everyday jewelry birthday gift option that’s becoming popular is permanent jewelry. These are delicate gold or silver chain bracelets that are welded around the wrist so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about them falling off. Zink Metals offers permanent jewelry at special events, or through advanced ordering at Zink Metals’ studio. Think about planning a special birthday trip to Indianapolis, IN, and surprising your loved one with a permanent jewelry gift/application!

A Statement Piece

Every woman needs one good statement piece in her jewelry collection. Something she can put on for special occasions to elevate her look and make her shine bright, on both the inside and the outside. Oftentimes women won’t invest in something like this for themselves. They are too busy giving to others. So they need someone else to purchase it on their behalf–to make them the shining star for the day. And what better day than their birthday? Here are some statement birthday jewelry pieces from Zink Metals that will add just the right amount of sparkle for your special birthday someone:

Black Diamond Shapes Necklace

Our Black Diamond Shapes Necklace has sterling silver chain links of varying shapes and sizes with a circle steel center encompassing a simple black diamond. You won’t find another silver chain necklace like this one that’s perfect birthday jewelry for your wife!

Black Diamond Shapes Necklace, jewelry birthday gift

Large Filigree Circle Necklace

This handcrafted necklace is a one-of-a-kind beauty created using the Russian filigree technique. Filigree design is a meticulous art that involves the intricate manipulation of thin metal strips, skillfully woven and twisted to create captivating textures and intricate details. Give your special someone this piece as a birthday jewelry gift and you’ll make them feel as unique and special as the jewelry is!

large filigree circle necklace, birthday jewelry for wife

Circle and Square Necklace

The Zink Metals’ Circle and Square necklace is a definitive statement piece featuring a longer length designed to make it the perfect focal point to every outfit. It features handcrafted steel circles contrasted with hammered silver squares, designed to draw the spotlight on whoever places it around their neck…especially the birthday girl!

jewelry for mom birthday, circle and square necklace

Finding the Perfect Birthday Jewelry

Finding the ideal birthday gift for your special loved one is often a trying task. Now that you’ve narrowed your selection down to a unique jewelry piece, we hope one of the pieces we’ve showcased here is a good match for your special someone. If not, check out our entire product gallery and see if there is a hidden gem just waiting to be the birthday surprise they’ve been waiting for!