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The Best Jewelry for Different Hair Types and Styles

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Your hairstyle and choice of jewelry are powerful elements that can work in harmony to elevate your overall look. It’s important to know the right jewelry for your personality, as well as how to match your jewelry to occasions. The right pairing can enhance your style, highlight your facial features, and express your personality with finesse. Whether you're sporting a sleek bob, luscious curls, or an intricate updo, each hairstyle presents a unique canvas for your jewelry. In this blog, we'll explore the art of matching jewelry with specific hairstyles, offering guidance to help you make the most of these stunning combinations and make a lasting impression with your accessories.

Earrings for Short Hair 

When you’re sporting a short hairstyle like a cute pixie, blunt bob, or trendy shag variant, opting for face-framing jewelry, especially larger earrings, is the way to enhance your look. Artistic statement earrings like the Zink Metals Mod Silver Drop Earrings are the best earrings for short hair, as they frame the face. 

Another fashionable jewelry choice for short hair is a good statement necklace that features a shorter chain and elegantantly rests higher on your neckline. With short hair, there's no risk of long locks obscuring your jewelry, so it's essential to choose pieces that not only make a statement but also gracefully emphasize your most striking feature – your face.

Mod Silver Drop Earrings for short hair

Jewelry for Wearing Long Hair Down

There’s nothing more beautiful than when long, flowy locks are allowed to fly free. When it comes to choosing earrings for long hair, or what necklaces to wear with lengthy tresses, well, that’s more of a tricky decision. Earrings for long hair should be bold enough to be seen, but something that won’t get stuck in the hair. Unique, statement studs are a good option, like our Circle Stud Earrings or the Angled Stud Earrings. Simple large closed hoop earrings are another good selection as far as earrings for long hair go.

For the best necklaces for long hair, choose a simple chain that grazes the collarbone or something with a long chain and pendant that keeps the chain flush against the body.

Circle Stud Earrings to wear with long hair

Jewelry for Half-Up Hairstyles 

Half-up hairstyles tend to be more “professional” or more “dressy” for special occasions like weddings or proms. In this case, the jewelry should match the occasion as well as the hairstyle. If the half-up ‘do is for a business event, complement it with long, dangly earrings that are interesting, yet classy like the Zink Metals Black Diamond Shapes Earrings or the Steel Long Line Earrings. For a special occasion or date night, try something dangly but with more of a dramatic touch like these Broken Tourmaline Earrings.

Half-up hairstyles, with the way the hair is pulled up and away from the face and neck, also lend themselves to perfectly showcase a showstopping necklace. The intricacies of the Large Circle Filigree Necklace with its handcrafted artisan pendant that hangs right in the center of the upper chest would be a great selection for a half-up hairstyle. So would the eye-catching Vertical Green Uvarovite Garnet, with its perfect-length 18-inch sterling silver chain and uniquely textured colored stone.

Broken Tourmaline Earrings for shoulder length hair

Jewelry for Long Beachy Waves

Boho jewelry, often characterized by its earthy tones, natural materials, and intricate designs, complements the organic, unstructured feel of beachy waved hair perfectly. The Iron Oxide in Quartz Necklace falls right into the boho category with its earthy toned yellow oxide accent and its natural materials. The Broken Silver Dangle Earrings are also made of a natural material, and are designed with the intention to look natural with the “broken silver” manipulation. Additionally, these long earrings for women hit just under the earlobes, so that minimizes the risk of entanglement in the hair.  

Broken Silver Dangle Earrings, earrings to wear with long hair

Jewelry Best for Curly Hair

Broken Silver Stud earrings to wear with long hairFor those with curly hair, selecting the perfect earrings becomes an added consideration. Regardless of whether your curls are natural, styled with a curling iron, or the result of a retro perm, it's crucial to make thoughtful earring choices to prevent them from becoming entangled in your locks.

One great option is the stud earring. Now, you don’t have to go boring with your studs, but you still want to make sure they don’t utilize lots of intricate designs where curls can get trapped. The Broken Silver Studs are interesting visually, yet won’t trap any hair. Another great selection would be the previously mentioned Circle Stud Earrings, since they sit flush against the earlobes. Large or small closed hoops would also be a good choice. Curved surfaces are an important focus for those sporting curls.

You could forego earrings altogether and focus more on bracelets. Curly hair can be voluminous and striking on its own. Wearing bracelets allows you to experiment with layering jewelry on your wrists, creating a visually appealing look without overwhelming your hair. Layered bracelets can be stylish and expressive without competing with your curls.

Earrings with Ponytails or Updos

With your hair pulled up away from your face and neck in a high ponytail or a fancy updo, that leaves your entire front open for adornment. But don’t go overboard! Choose a single statement piece — either a pair of bold drop earrings, OR a bold statement necklace. Never both! That’s overkill. People won’t know what to focus on if you wear both.

Zink Metals Links Earrings are statement pieces with their unusual rectangular shape. They are 1.75-inches long, are made of sterling silver and steel, and spin as they are worn. These are great earrings with a ponytail.Another eye-catching option would be the Angled Cascade Earrings that are 2 inches long and featured angled steel ovals looped together. They create a lot of movement when worn. 

Links Earrings, long earrings for women, earrings with ponytail

Earrings for Shoulder-Length Hair

Drop-down earrings for shoulder-length hair are a perfect adornment as they gracefully occupy the space between your ears and shoulders. When you wear this medium-length hairstyle, you have the flexibility to select jewelry that resonates with your taste, be it a minimalist drop-down earring featuring a stunning ruby pendant or a pair of hoop earrings embellished with glistening diamonds. Take guidance from the occasion when choosing the simplicity or statement design of earrings for shoulder-length hair.

If longer earrings aren’t your style, a bold statement necklace pairs nicely with this hair length. Since medium-length hair typically falls between the shoulders and collarbone. A bold statement necklace can create a sense of equilibrium in your overall look, as it fills the space between your hair and neckline,  ensuring that neither your hair nor the necklace dominates the visual focus.

Choosing Jewelry Material Based on Hair Color

Once you decide what style of jewelry you’d like to pair with your hairstyle, the next step is to make sure the color of the jewelry pairs well with the color tones in your hair. There are some general guidelines to follow when it comes to hair color categories and jewelry materials.

Jewelry for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair pairs beautifully with a wide variety of jewelry styles. Silver jewelry complements the cool tones in blonde hair, while pearls offer timeless elegance. Light-colored gemstones like aquamarine and amethyst provide a subtle pop of color, and rose gold adds the perfect touch of warmth.

Jewelry for Brunette Hair

For those with brunette hair, think about embracing warm-toned jewelry that enhances the rich hues in your hair. Earthy tones such as brown, orange, and yellow make excellent choices. The choice between gold and silver jewelry for brunette hair depends on personal style, skin tone, and the overall desired look. 

Gold jewelry complements the warm undertones in brunette hair, enhancing the richness of dark brown or chestnut hair. On the other hand, silver jewelry provides a cool contrast, making brunette hair stand out, ideal for a more contemporary or edgy appearance, especially with lighter or ash brown shades. Skin tone is also a factor, with warm undertones favoring gold and cool-toned skin harmonizing with silver. 

Jewelry for Red Hair

If you have red hair, it's best to steer clear of jewelry featuring red or orange undertones, as they may create a clash with your hair color. Instead, consider jewelry in colors that offer a striking contrast, such as green or blue. 

Both gold and silver jewelry can complement red hair, but the choice between the two often depends on your personal preferences and the overall look you want to achieve. Gold jewelry can bring out the warm undertones in red hair, creating a harmonious and luxurious look, while silver jewelry offers a cool contrast to the warmth of red hair, resulting in a striking and modern appearance. 

The specific shade of red in your hair and your individual style play a significant role in making the choice, and you can also mix and match both gold and silver jewelry to create a unique and balanced look that complements your red locks.

Jewelry for Black Hair

Selecting the best jewelry for black hair is a matter of personal style, skin tone, and the desired look. Silver jewelry creates a striking contrast with black hair, offering a modern and elegant touch, while gold jewelry adds warmth. Gemstones like emeralds, rubies, or sapphires can introduce a pop of color, and classic pearls provide timeless sophistication. Earrings like hoops or dangles frame the face beautifully and enhance black hair, and statement pieces, such as necklaces or chandelier earrings, can add dramatic flair. 

Contrasting colors, like silver with colorful gemstones or gold with enamel accents, can also make a bold visual statement. Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal style and skin tone, so experiment and mix and match pieces to create a look that complements your black hair and expresses your unique style.

Personal Style

The art of selecting the right jewelry to complement your hairstyle is all about balance and personal expression. Your hairstyle provides a canvas for self-expression, and the jewelry you choose is a piece of the artwork. Pay attention to the colors, tones, and styles that work well with your hair, but don't be afraid to experiment and have fun. Whether you have long beachy waves, curly locks, a chic bob, or any other hairstyle, remember that the most important aspect of choosing jewelry is to feel confident. Let your individuality shine through, and make every accessory a reflection of your unique style. 

So, whether it's a statement necklace, delicate earrings, or layered bracelets, embrace the wonderful world of jewelry to complete your look, and always wear it with confidence. Your style journey is all about celebrating your own beauty, one accessory at a time. Browse through Zink Metals’ jewelry to see which accessories best match your personal style.